Beautifully Broken

By September 19, 2017Arts, Lifestyle

Love vs. Pain

She is a collector of love
And a hoarder of pain
To her it’s all the same
Yet totally different
That’s why when she receives love
She dismisses it.
Taking only hidden pieces and private parts
She touches the soul but not the heart.
The pain would be too great
She’s so sure of this because once upon a time
She could relate.
The pain she carries with her is her reminder
It’s her protection
It has become her prize possession

3AM Thoughts

No, I don’t love him
At least not anymore
I was sure that I had gotten over him
Closed that chapter to my life
And opened up a new door
It’s a new start, why not explore
But that’s when you get into things you weren’t meant for
Trying to avoid what I previously went through
Heart break does something serious to your mental
Here I am racking my brain for answers from you
That I already knew
But it’s like my mind is trying to create another image
I don’t get it
Then again I kinda do
You gave me the love I was never exposed
I thought I had experienced a blessing
But you were just a lesson
You got me second guessing myself
The destroyer of my mental health

Racing Time

I fell into your life at the wrong time
I guess that’s why when we ended
Everything went wrong with mine
It’s not your fault though
I stopped blaming you a long time ago
I faced my own flaws
Tried to tear down my own wall
And build myself back up
But I got stuck
In between self-destruct
And simply out of luck
But again, it is not your fault
But the next time love comes around
Instead of falling I duck



Written by Asia Iman

Freelance Writer




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