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By September 11, 2017Business, Lifestyle


A Letter From The Editor 


There comes a time in life where you just have to decide. You have to make a distinction between who you want to be and who you are; between going for it and staying where you are. I know, it sounds silly and/or cliche, but it’s the most honest truth I can relay, at this point in life. We are in a time where innovation is our genius, and the world revolves around our ability to stand out. How can we, unless we take chances? How will we progress if we are still? 


We idolize our favorite music artists, actors and actresses, comedians, etc. as if what they have is unattainable. Why not try something other than talking about change. Let’s set realistic goals and work towards them. Short term plans towards a long term reward, there is nothing wrong with investing more into you. Push you. Don’t let your life only be fulfilling in your mind. 


Charge: challenge yourself (and those connected to you) to execute a task that has been put off for too long. Learning that recipe, writing that book, enrolling in that course, buying that property; do it. Let this season yield good fruit for you. 


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