“Music for blerds (black nerds)”| RUCMAG Interviews Rapper You-C

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RUCMAG Who is You-C?
YOU-C “You-C is a rapper, engineer apprentice, producer apprentice, and an occasional writer for a certain Chicago publication. (Insider, it rhymes with “Read Up Chicago”)

RUCMAG “Who are your musical inspirations?”
YOU-C “So I have 2 top 5 lists (GOATS/Current). GOATS: André Benjamin, Nasir Jones, Wasalu Jaco, Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr., and Jayceon Taylor. Current: Kendrick Duckworth, Jermaine Coleman, Tyler Okonma, Donald Glover, and Cydel Young. Look up all those names.”

RUCMAG “What are some of your most memorable albums from the 90’s?”
YOU-C “OutKast – ATLiens (1996), The Notorious B.I.G. – Life After Death (1997), Dr. Dre – 2001 (1999)”.

RUCMAG “What is You C currently working on? Any major projects?”
YOU-C “Right now I’m working on 3 collaboration EPs: We The Villains (with K.E.N), The Smoovest & The Coolest (with RocSmoov), and Saturday Cartoons (with Lil Kydd). I’m also working on my 3rd mixtape: Music, Money, & Masturbation, which probably won’t be out until 2019. I also plan on re-releasing my debut mixtape for it’s 5 year anniversary.”

RUCMAG “How would you describe your music?”
YOU-C “I would describe it as  a soundtrack for the south suburbs. Music for blerds (black nerds) who are very well rounded.”

RUCMAG “What do you have to say regarding the violence happening in Chicgao and all over America today?”
YOU-C “The violence has died down in the city of Chicago. It may not seem like it, but compared to 2012, we’ve been doing pretty good. We can still use some work, no doubt. And this is coming from someone who’s cousin got shot and killed this year in March. Now in terms of the violence in America, this country has been violent before any of us currently have been living. I honestly don’t expect nothing different, but as a father, I gotta make sure that I keep my son safe and teach him to do right by everyone else.”

RUCMAG “Is there any song on your album that would speak to some of the problems happening today in the world?”
YOU-C “From my EP, 7-0-Gr8, I would say there’s 2 songs that speak out about the issues that take place currently. My songs “Root, Pt. Trés” and “Magnum Opus (P.O.A)”.

RUCMAG “As a new parent how has your aspirations changed, if at all?”
YOU-C “Being a father has made me want to grind more and place myself in better situations so that my son has a better opportunity than I had growing up. I’m looking to create that financial tree for him and the generations to come. He’s forced my bars to get better.”


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