Teens in the Park

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Thousands of youth ages 13 – 24 years old gathered on Saturday September 23rd for Teens in the Park. Known as Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s “T.I.P Fest.” The T.I.P Fest is a huge platform for young Chicago artist to express their talents. Entertainment and media professionals were encouraged to come out and celebrate the youth and their talents.  Donda’s House Inc. not only provided the platform to showcase, they also provided resources to assist the teens with the connections necessary for their advancement, with the help of Night Out In The Parks and the Chicago Park District.

The showcase had an amazing turn out as expected. Youth from different cultures, lifestyles, and backgrounds all came together in a peaceful and professional manner to share their talents. Chicago is doing amazing things, and the resources for youth are limitless.

Performances included Taylor Bennett, Shuba, The Other Eric, Chai Tulani, KEN, Chynna Rogers, Bianca Shaw, and so many more.


Check out the photos in the gallery below..

Photos taken by Juan Anthony Photography  

Featured photo from Twitter #Tipfest

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