Invest Like A Visionary

By October 19, 2017Business

Building a brand is more than building a business. A business is a single entity that must be run by someone physically to operate. A plan must be developed and written down strategically. For something to be planned it had to have passion and inspiration invested into it. Passion and inspiration comes from two things; Dreams and aspirations. Those two things can only be conceived by you.

Let your passion drive your inspiration.
Allow your patience to center your focus.
Be bold by doing what the ordinary fear.
Take the risk or risk being expendable.
Possess the mindset of, “I’m a visionary and quite frankly too lit to have a 9 to 5.”
Maintain by day and grind by night if you must – Don’t quit your day job too quickly

Then you’ll be a witness to your vision becoming a reality.
Your business is your brand, and your brand is you.


Freelance Writer, Na’ndi Bazzi




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