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By October 19, 2017Fashion

If you haven’t quite caught the memo on this season’s hottest fall/winter fashion trends then you are in the right place! It may seem like it’s a little too late to catch a ride on the fashion wave but we here at RUCMAG have got you covered!  Here are our top 10 fall/winter fashion picks:

1. Heaven in DENIM

Does denim ever actually go out of style? Well, it certainly hasn’t this season! So go to your closet and grab all the jeans you can because you’re already in on the hottest Fall/Winter trend! If you are really feeling risky pair 2 or more different types of denim together to create something truly trendy and personal.

2. Bold Reds

This trend is definitely a fave here at RUCMAG and apparently at New York fashion week as well. Bold reds are taking the season by storm, and make no mistake THE BRIGHTER THE BETTER. If red just isn’t your thing then try toning down with red accents such as a bag, scarf, shoe, or detail.

3. The statement piece: FUR!

Ok ok ok now I know we said Bold red is a fave but of course we have another! FUR! Who doesn’t love a good fur I mean FUUUUREAL. This statement piece is sure to elevate your closet and really put you on the map as one fashion KILLER! For our more advanced crowd challenger your creativity by styling bold colors greens, pinks, reds etc.

4. Sparkly Shiny shoes

I’m sure you have seen shiny shoes making its comeback all over the place. This highly popular 70’s trend has melted the hearts of fashionista everywhere, AGAIN.  Bring on the sequins, shimmer, and glitter in all colors, shapes, and shines! If you want to STAND OUT in the crowd then you need a pair of the sparkliest shoes you can find.

5. The trench

The classic trench is mysterious, sexy, sporty, and super stylish. You can dress this up with a nice pair of pumps or dress shoes, or you can dress down with your fave pair of sneakers. However you decide to wear the trench you can never go wrong with the classic piece. Not to mention they are a super great fall layering piece. Stay warm!

6. Athleisure: Jogging suits
I know, I know! We can all rejoice that something on this list requires little to no effort! We appreciate our “lesser effort” crowd of fashion lovers as well. I mean let’s be honest what’s more effortless than a matching jogging suit set, AND its trending! Rock your favorite athletic wear brand in style. if your looking for a celebrity twist pair the suit with a nice pump and some shades!


7.Laid in plaid

It’s ok to channel that inner Lumberjack! Plaid has made its appearance yet again this season. Try styling this pattern into a casual every day look by throwing a plaid shirt around the waist for a more casual feel. For a more fashion forward approach try a plaid 2 piece suit set. You are sure to turn a head or two whether you are in the office or attending an event.

8. Birds of a feather flock in LEATHER

If you’re feeling super edgy there is no doubt this piece will be an essential in your closet this season. The traditional must-have is a great layering accent or can even become the statement piece of an entire look. Popular pieces would be leather jackets, pants, or book bags.

9. Fringes

These little dangly things can really make you the center of attention by creating a total fashion distraction (in a good way). Pop a basic sweater and jeans by adding a fringe bootie or boot to add a little fun flare. You can also Sport a statement vintage fringe blouse with a pair of nice pumps to create a glamorous evening look.


10. Individuality

We believe the hottest trend is individuality! Subtle, edgy, sporty, or girly rock your own personal style with a few of these great trends for a wardrobe that you’ll love.



Written by Freelance Writer Lauren Gregory




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