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By November 14, 2017Business


One of the things that sets apart the great from the mediocre is the act of doing. As simple as it may sound, the act of actually doing is what takes an idea from the ideation stage into fruition. Many people are afraid of what others may think when they put out their product or content, and on the other hand some people get in the way of themselves, with self-doubt. I’ve always said that there are three types of people in the world: do’ers, thinker’s and those who watch from the sideline and cackle. Don’t allow yourself to solely fall into the category of being a thinker. The fact that you already have amazing vision and are able to think of complex concepts should be your indication to take them beyond your brain. You should feel compelled to share your magic with the world and use it for the enlightenment of others. Below are some tips to help you take the ideas from thoughts to actions:

Write it Out

While we live in a digital world, I still have to physically write things out, in a very stream of consciousness kind of way. Putting pen to paper is a way to make these ideas real. Since they are now out and on the paper, they are a thing. I would also encourage you to try journaling first thing in the morning to capture your thoughts. Don’t worry about them looking pretty or even making sense, just get them out. You can restructure and organize them later, which leads me to my next point.

Organize Your Thoughts

Too many thoughts has a way of clouding or confusing, often leaving you feeling more overwhelmed than anything. I have found that organizing our thoughts has a way of bringing clarity. For example, I have a document that I started last December with all of my 2017 goals and plans. On this document I have categorized my thoughts per category and then per project, then even more granular by adding in tasks and objectives for each.

Develop Action Items

Within this organized document if you fill it out with the highest level of detail, it will almost serve as a blueprint for you to follow as you plan your execution. I understand that one of the most daunting parts about doing is being overwhelmed, however, thinking ahead and putting a good strategy in place should help to ease that. You owe it to yourself to be great, take those ideas out of your mind, onto paper and into products, content, and essentially inspiration for those within reach.











Written by Freelance Writer Brittany Wright