5 Things Creative Millennials Should Know Before Starting Out

By May 8, 2018Business

Millennials, a demographic of people born between 1980 and 1996, more often than not have creativity as the bedrock of their persona. This in turn plays out when it is time to enter the work force. This article aims to list out five things creative millennials should know before taking that leap. Here we go….. 

  1. Ask Questions: This is the first and most important step to take. When venturing into your field of choice, it pays to ask questions from people already in that field. Ask about potential pitfalls and other important factors that come alongside working in the said field, this will enable you in knowing the dos and don’t while also minimizing the amount of mistakes you make.

  2. Starting point: Chances are that the first job you get as a creative is not going to be the most glamorous, this is to be expected. As such, it pays to put you head down and just do it. Every great career has a starting point that is not necessarily steeped in gold.

  3. Reliability: This is pretty self explanatory. The more reliable you are to the team, the more valuable you become. Adding value to yourself is a sure-fire way of making it to the top.

  4. Honesty: Be honest about the skills you have and the ones you’re yet to possess. There will be very little wiggle room if you’re unable to accomplish a task you claimed to be very versatile with.

  5. Hard work: It’s easy to look at the world of creatives and get carried away by the glamour. The glamour is precipitated through hard work. Putting in the requisite effort is a major key to achieving your goal.

There you have it! This list does not claim to have it all, but if the words here are utilized and put into practice we are certain that success is a sure thing.



Written by Eseandre Mordi





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