Juan Anderson: How I fixed My Shady Fico Score

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If you are looking for a book to jumpstart your new resolution of enhancing your finances then look no further. Data Analyst, Juan Anderson has given us key tips that are not complicated and simple for anyone to start improving their financial freedom. What I valued most about this book was how Anderson encourages his readers that they can repair their credit by themselves as long as they show tenacity and patience. I also appreciated that the book was not overly long and was straightforward because let’s be honest, most of us are busy and reading a textbook has died along with  our college years. So, essentially, we need cliff notes to maximum our time. Anderson has a knack for showing that anyone can be credit worthy no matter the circumstances.  

Aside from credit repair, financial saving was also  discussed and I was happy to see this mentioned. We often forget that money management is vital toward having good credit. Thus, learning how to properly save and utilizing credit cards often fall to the sideline when they need to be at the core of our financial plan. Personally, I was always taught to be weary of credit cards and to only maintain one at a time. Anderson teaches us that credit cards are the most underrated  cornerstones to building up credit. So, don’t be afraid to owning more than one credit card. Another tool Anderson educated me on was about the term piggyback. It is where a person can  utilize someone else’s responsible credit as a way to start building credit for someone who is new to credit (such as a high school graduate) or recovering from financial setbacks. After reading this book, I was upset because I did not know most of the items he discusses and I felt ill-informed throughout my 29 years. Nevertheless, I believe, How I Fixed My Shady FICO is a great beginners book toward credit reform. 


Are you looking for more from Juan Anderson? Look no further, he has released, Shady FICO The College Years for parents, college students, and anyone else furthering their education. Check him out by following his  Instagram – @shadyfico.  


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