Trump Grants Clemency After A Visit From Kim K- West

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Trump Grants Clemency After A Visit From Kim K-West

Kim Kardashian-West Visits The White House

On Wednesday, May 30th, 2018 Kim Kardashian-West and her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley met with President Donald Trump and his senior advisor Jared Kushner for An hour long discussion about prison reform and more specifically the case of a first time non-violent drug offender by the name of Alice Marie Johnson.

Johnson who was born May 30th, 1955 found herself involved in a drug ring after experiencing a wave of devastating hardships including the death of her son by way of a motorcycle accident. Her role as a “telephone mule” who passed messages between people within the organization contributed to her being labeled leader of the ring. In 1998, Johnson along with fifteen other people were arrested. She was convicted of conspiracy to sell cocaine as well as money laundering and was subsequently sentenced to life plus twenty-five years.


Kardashian-West became aware of Johnson’s case by-way of the social media channel Mic. She was so moved by the story and decided to take action to advocate on Johnson’s behalf. In speaking with staff at Mic Kardashian-West learned of the other agencies such as the CAN-DO Foundation , whose advisory board member and pardon expect a mark Osler plugged Johnson’s clemency on the Don Lemon Show in April of 2018 at the request of CAN-DO Founder Amy Povah. The CAN-DO Foundation also listed Johnson at the number one spot on the original CAN-DO Top 25 women deserving of clemency after President Obama launched Clemency Project 2014.

To date Johnson has served over twenty-one years of her life sentence. While incarcerated Johnson became an ordained minister, wrote and conducted a Christmas play in 2015, published a book, wrote and produced several original plays, received the Special Events Coordinator of the Year award and is a GED volunteer amongst many other accomplishments.

While much debate has been stirred due to the portrayal of Kardashian-West’s visit being labeled a discussion on prison reform, West stated in her defense “I’m just focused on justice reform and helping one person at a time.” As a celebrity Kardashian-West has access to many resources and is financially secure so it is nice to see she’s using her platform to do something positive. If her intentions are genuine & sincere then I respect & appreciate her position on the issue.

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