August Book Review For Sci-Fi Lovers

By August 22, 2018Arts


If you are a lover of Sci-Fi, then Binti is a must read before the year is out. Nigerian author, Nnedi Okorafor infuses African heritage into a futuristic fantasy that captivates its readers from beginning to end. Binti tells the journey of a young African woman as she leaves her family to study at the Oomza Uni, a prestigious interstellar university. Not only is she leaving her family, but she’s the first woman in her family to do such. In conjunction, she is exceptionally skilled in mathematics. Seems like a great recipe for success, however, on her voyage to Oomza Uni her ship is attacked by the Meduse. The Meduse are a race of aliens who resemble the jellyfish species who pride themselves on the dislike of humans. Binti is the sole survivor of their attack because she uses her intellect along with determination to find shelter, negotiate her safety and achieve peace between humanity and the Meduse; just in time for her ship to arrive at the university. Can you imagine saving the world during your flight to your summer vacation destination?  

Praises to Okorafor for the many barriers she breaks in such a short book. The expansion of education for women, the flight of women in the STEM sector and the flight of minority women are reoccurring themes mentioned. Also, Okorafor’s African heritage is so interwoven in the narrative that it’s impossible for readers not to delve into the longstanding discussion of culture and race, thus bridging a unique balance between fiction and non-fiction.  

Binti’s story is not finish, so please check out the other installments in this trilogy. 



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