Media Girls Tour Event Chicago

By August 28, 2018Business, Entertainment

Media Girls on Tour, an interactive panel for women in media to network and bond. Powered by Blogging Beauties . It’s always a pleasure getting together with so many “She Bosses” all in one room.

Media Girls on Tour was hosted at Salon Lokei in the Pilsen Neighborhood. Ladies from all sorts of businesses swarmed in Salon Lokei, The perfect location for a bunch of beauties in media to gather. The panel lineup was super dope, with media babes like Jade Lucas from 106.3, Bria Fachon from Power 92.3, Bree Specific Media Personality, Charmaine Johnise from Black Inc Chicago, Samantha Calender from Essence Magazine, Maha Gorgi from Power 92.3, Candid Candace from Chicago Tribune, Mika Stambaugh from The Mas Ink, and more.


The ladies each spoke well on starting their careers out. The struggle many endured getting to where they are now was so relatable. It was eye opening and humbling knowing that these ladies were willing to be transparent in front of all of us.

Jade Lucas from 106.3 opened up about some of the sacrifices she made starting out in her career and the things her job would ask her to withhold from social media just to keep up a certain “single” appearance.

Others like Bria Fachon, Maha Gorgi, and Samantha Calender spoke on taking leaps of faith. Charmaine Johnise spoke great from her personal experience with accepting to always remember to be yourself without compromising who you are. “There’s a reason why my fans like me” People are always watching.


There were so many take away moments where each lady revealed their most humbling moments starting out in media. Altogether it was inspiring and influential for all of the ladies in the room.


Stay tuned for the next tour expected to head to ATL.

Jade Lucas, Bree Specefic, Maha Gorgi, Bria Fachon

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