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By September 11, 2018Entertainment, Music
Re' Alissa


RUCMAG  When did you decide to turn your love for music into a career ? 
Re’ Alissa During my junior year of high school, a couple years after my mom passed away, I had by then realized that the only thing that made me feel nearly as happy and secure as she did was music. I also realized that there was nothing else I’d rather do with my life besides music!
RUCMAG How important is it to you and your career to learn the business side of the music industry? 
Re’ Alissa Learning the business side is EXTREMELY important to me! I do not ever want people to be able to con me or scam me out of my talents, just for doing the thing I have a passion for.
RUCMAG If you had to drop everything to be the opening performer for any artist who would it be? 
Re’ Alissa This is such a hard question because I love so many artists— but I would have to say as far as any living artists.. Beyoncé, Kendrick, Bruno or Drake! (I’m so sorry I couldn’t pick one)
RUCMAG Describe a moment in your career that was a real eye opener and turning point.
Re’Alissa I would say that an eye opener in my career was when after about my 5th show in the city, and I was yet again the only singer and the only vocalist. I realized that female R&B industry is not very diversified at all as far as top artists, and that there is room for so many more women! Although I do feel real R&B with women is making a comeback (with H.E.R, SZA, etc.)
RUCMAG  How did you come up with the concept for your first project? 
Re’ Alissa My first EP was pretty much based on the emotional rollercoaster that I was going through in my life at the time. I thought I had a real heartbreak in high school, but I easily realized that most of the lyrics had been about myself— and the somewhat toxic effects I had on people that I had romantically encountered.

RUCMAG What struggles or obstacles have you had to overcome as a artist? 

Re’Alissa  As an artist making the kind of music that my first EP represents, I’ve had to push my way through crowds and other artists to make myself stand out. Therefore, I sometimes play live with my guitar or bass guitar which I will be doing more of in upcoming shows! I will admit that one major confidence obstacle for me has been feeling that I wouldn’t get the same push or attention as other female artists because I am a darker skin tone. It sounds crazy, but it’s real! Also, being a woman.The industry has become so competitive to kind of push through if you aren’t branding yourself. In this generation, people are very concerned with content AND attractiveness to determine how far a woman goes in this industry.

RUCMAG How much of your personal life is reflected in your music? 

Re’Alissa My previous comment on my first EP kinda gives away that I involve a decent-sized portion of my personal life in my music. I’d say more-so that a heavy amount of my love life is reflected in my music! I think it relates to a lot of women actually feel or have felt when dealing with relationships. Other issues, however, like my mother’s passing I won’t sing about as often, but you will definitely hear more about it in my next project!

RUCMAG  Tell us about your first performance and what was the reaction you got from the audience. 
 Re’ Alissa From my very first performance as Ré Alissa to now, the most common comment I have received from people is probably that it feels like I am “singing directly to them”. When I began to sing, the room got quiet and everyone looked at me, and from then on people stayed engaged in me— watched me closely and nodded their head at relatable lyrics. I still get this reaction when I do shows now! It’s one of the best and most nerve-wrecking.
RUCMAG You have a project expected to release in 2019, can you tell us about it and what it means to you?
Re’Alissa An obstacle that I encountered when making my first EP that still bothers me is trying to keep my voice amongst the voices of a whole bunch of others! I really need to be in my own zone when writing and composing music. My first EP was so influenced by the sounds of other artists that I feel like I didn’t give listeners the real Ré Alissa— who is much more passionate. I’m excited to do that in my next project! I feel it encompasses more of the sound of Ré, and delivers an R&B sound we aren’t getting from many other other artists right now. These songs are some of my favorite right now and get great reactions. So I can’t wait for you all to hear these songs! I’ve put so much more passion and time dedication into the quality and passion of this body of work!
RUCMAG Are there any upcoming events or shows that fans can come out and support?
Re’Alissa I have a couple of performances coming up in Indianapolis and Chicago! My social media will always give you the exact details on where I’ll be! It’s the best way to keep up with me.

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