Chicago World Aids Day Commemoration

By December 9, 2018Arts, Culture, Lifestyle, Music
The Los Angeles based  Aids Health Foundation also know as AHF  is using cultural events to capture the attention of today’s world and bring awareness to the fight against aids. With a huge goal of having one billion people tested each year they are going coast to coast. From LA to Miami to Chicago, this past Friday. AHF hosted an empowering event at the popular Lacuna lofts in Chicago. Special guests Jermaine Dupree, Frankie J, and Sandy Redd made for great entertainment.
Although there has been major progress with the treatment for HIV/AIDS there are still so many more battles to fight. Celebrating wins is awesome, but, let’s not lose sight of the work still ahead of us. Nearly one million deaths last year and two million newly infected there’s less time to gloat about the wins.
A small crowd gathered this past Friday for such an honorable event to observe and raise money to fund research for HIV/AIDS. They enjoyed live entertainment and red carpet of course. What a great turn out!
AHF strives to consistently promote safe sex with slogans such as, “if your reaching this use a condom” “safe sex is great sex.” It’s so important to be tested and know your status. Make it a point to annually see your doctor and get tested.
If your interested in donating to AHF or learning more about their foundation visit their website

Photos Taken By Juan Anthony Photography