Juan Anthony’s 90’s themed Birthday Party

By December 27, 2018Culture, Entertainment

This past weekend hosted the best 90’s party of the year. Celebrating the popular and talented Juan Anthony’s 40th Birthday; in what I’d like to think of as the best century theme; Nothing like the 90’s. The 90’s was filled with bucket hats, oversized cell phones, some of the best hip hop geniuses, and gold chains.

Check out some of these flash backs from the party. Its truly a throw back. Celebrity photographer Juan Anthony had a host of celebrity guest including recording artist in the building like Public Annountment, celebrity videographer Don Baptiste, clothing designer Rodnell “The Kid” Harris, Comedian Stick, Dj Wyld Chyld and so many more.

Public Announcement and Juan Anthony

Juan Anthony and Don Baptiste
Juan Anthony and Rodnell “Kid” Harris

Juan and Comedian Stick

Dj Wyld Chyld

Juan and his lovely daughter

Creative Cakes by KeeKee
Juan Anthony and his beautiful wife