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About The Founder

There is so much to love and admire about Lorrin Cash, founder and EIC of one of the Midwest’s forthcoming entertainment media sources, Read Up Chicago magazine. Uncovering a passion for people at an early age, this young entrepreneur knew she was created to help others on their individual journey towards success. As a entrepreneur, Lorrin has demonstrated passion for creative writing, engaging in genuine conversation, and researching diverse methods towards success.

Lorrin was born and raised in Chicago, a city where opportunity is always fresh and energy is always evolving. She believes that with everything the city and world offers in chance, it is our own initiative to create that sets one apart from millions. “When you put your mind to it, the tools will come. Before you know it, you are plowing through obstacles.” This affirmation has guided Lorrin through many adventures in life.

Having been blessed with the gift of motherhood at an early age and dropping out of school to care for her child, this boss mom was determined to beat the odds and aim high. She obtained her GED, scoring above average, all in the same time it would have taken to complete her senior year of high school. From there, she attended South Suburban College for Communication, where she began to refine her writing skills and build a portfolio, in hopes of landing an editorial internship. Commonly, she is faced with rejection but she was relentless. Instead of becoming downtrodden with the “NO”, Lorrin took initiative and found her own digital news media platform, Read Up Chicago magazine. To date, her publication has interviewed and highlighted some of the greatest rising talent out of the Midwest and surrounding areas in hopes of reaching more people and sharing more creativity for years to come.

“The opportunity to do work that I love and help others has added so much more value to my life!”

Photos by Terrance Pitts Studio Chicago

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